Students can use the blooket login process to make studying more interesting. They can access a variety of game styles and categories, including Classic and Tower Defense.

Each game mode and category earns students points based on how well they answer questions. Students can also play with friends to learn and compete.

Getting Started

After a free registration process, teachers and students can play games for fun or use it as review or homework. The platform allows teachers to create and save question sets or choose from premade questions. Once a teacher has created a game, it can be assigned to students by using the “Host” button. Students can also join friends’ games by sharing the game code via email, text or social media.

Once the teacher creates a game, he or she can select a quiz mode and add multiple-choice questions. Teachers can set up the game to end after a certain time, when a player reaches a score or at random. They can also choose to use the ‘Random Answer Order’ option to provide answers in random order for each student. The teachers can also customize the design and color of their game, and they can set up their class list to monitor their students’ performance.

While creating a game, teachers can specify the number of questions in each round, how many rounds the students must play and the time limit per round. They can also include a picture, and choose if they want the question to be repeated or not. Then, they can assign the game to their class and provide a link for students to click on in order to play.

In addition, a teacher can host a game in real-time to engage students in learning and evaluate their progress. The results page will show the percentage of questions answered correctly and incorrectly for a particular class or individual student, along with the answers given by each participant. If a teacher wants to see more detailed information, he or she can purchase the Blooket Plus paid version to get advanced reports.

Blooket is an engaging way to assess students in a fun and friendly manner, especially for students who struggle with test-taking. This gamified tool optimizes the learning experience by increasing engagement, while at the same time making it easy for teachers to use and manage. It also helps teachers prepare their students for exams by reviewing past material in a more fun way.

Game Modes & Categories

Blooket offers a variety of game modes and categories, including multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks, matching, word scramble, and more. Some of these options require students to type or draw answers, which allows them to develop typing skills and visual thinking skills as they play the games. The site also includes a search bar, which makes it easy for students to find a game that suits their interest and learning style.

Teachers can use the Dashboard.blooket to monitor student performance and view historical data from all games played. The dashboard also provides teachers with the percentage of correct and incorrect answers for each class and individual student, which is particularly helpful for identifying areas in need of improvement. The website is free for teachers to use; however, a paid version is available that allows teachers to view enhanced game reports.

After logging in, users will be asked to select whether they are a teacher or student (note: students under 13 should only register with parental or school consent). Once they have made their selection, they can access the dashboard by clicking on the icon that resembles a house located in the top bar. Once on the Dashboard.blooket, users will see recent news, favorited question sets, quests, and recently hosted games. Teachers can also create a new study set from the dashboard by clicking the “Create” tab.

When hosting a game, teachers will be given a game code for their students that will be valid for a certain period of time. This code can be shared with students via email, text, or social media to allow them to join the game for homework or in-class activities. Students will not be required to create a Blooket account to join the game, though they may want to in order to save their progress and purchase additional avatars.

Once students have joined a game, they can click on the “Play” tab to begin answering questions. As they answer questions, students will earn points and level up their avatar. They can choose to either compete against other students in a live game or complete assignments that will be graded automatically. If the game is a live competition, teachers will be able to track student participation in real time.

Blooket News

Blooket is a new educational platform that allows teachers to create quizzes and sets of questions for their students to answer. The website is free to use and allows both individual and group competition. It is similar to other education apps such as Kahoot, and the process of creating a test or assessment is quite straightforward. Once the question set has been created, a code is generated that can be shared with students to log in and play the game. Students will then attempt the questions and earn rewards if they give correct answers.

To start playing, students must first sign up for a Blooket account with either an email address or through google. They must also create a username and password. After logging in, they will be taken to the dashboard page that asks them to create their own quizzes or choose from premade ones. It is important to note that kids under 13 should only create an account with parental consent and should never use the app alone.

Students can then click the ’News’ button on the left to see any updates that have been made to the site. This will change occasionally, such as when it was updated on April Fools Day 2021 with “Everything is fine” written upside down. New boxes or game modes will also appear here as they are added.

The Dashboard.blooket allows users to view their progress and connect with other students. They can also see their quests and favorited sets. They can also use the search bar to discover other sets that are available to them. When they find a set that they are interested in, they can click on it and enter the game ID provided by the host to join a live game. This makes it easy for students to engage in study games at school, home, or even on the go.


Blooket is an engaging and interactive learning tool that allows students to practice skills through fun games. Students can play alone or with friends and compete against classmates for rewards. They can also review their answers and receive feedback. Teachers can also create their own games or import questions from Quizlet and use them on the platform. The software is free to use, but it is a good idea to verify that all users are thirteen years of age or older.

After a student logs in, they will be presented with their dashboard. The Dashboard.blooket shows metrics, blooks, news, assignments, and game sets. It is also possible to view game history. Students can use the purple toolbar on the left side of the screen to get quick access to tools. The first button is the triangle Play button, which allows them to join a Blooket game.

The Discover button lets them search for a game that suits their preferences. Once they have found a game, they can click on it to see its description and rules. They can also add it to their favorites or report it as spam. The Create button lets them create a set. It is also possible to edit or delete a previously created set.

When creating a set, teachers can start from scratch or import answer sets from a spreadsheet or Quizlet. They can also specify whether the set will be public or private. Teachers can also change the number of questions in a set, add a time restriction for each player, and choose if they want to include pictures and four possible answers.

After a teacher has created a set, they can share it by clicking on the eyeball icon that says “View set.” This will copy a link that can be copied and shared with others. The link will open in a new browser tab. The teacher can then share it with their students or colleagues. They can also choose to make the set public or private by clicking on a pencil icon.

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